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    While our “popup” is not an actually “popped up” at this time, we still love and welcome visitors to our studios at 311 North Street, Pittsfield. Just click on the contact link and give any one of us a call.  

     Pop UP Art Gallery  at 25 Union Street closed for the season on August 29, 2014. While the artists consider where they will “pop up” next, you may always visit and see their art in their studios at NUarts Studios, 311 North Street, Pittsfield.

     It was a wonderful summer season while in the little gallery at 25 Union Street and we are grateful for all your support. The four artists, Marguerite Bride, Joanie Ciolfi, Debbie Carter, and Scott Taylor are still very busy painting and exhibiting and would love to hear from you…so please be in touch.

     To see lots of images of the art exhibited during the summer please visit (and like!!!) our Facebook page: “Pop Up Art Gallery on Union Street”.